Sue Zange - Specialist in Subtle Energy Awareness

In Sue's own Words:

“My skills have developed in a very unique way. With advanced higher sensory abilities, I specialise in 'reading', interpreting and transforming the subtle energy patterns and forms which create and drive life, and which are usually inaccessible to people.


Higher level access to consciousness has enabled me to view and understand creative flows through a unique perspective. Energy 'vision' enables me to quickly assess, analyse and investigate. I have found my skillset to be limitless in its application and usefulness, and applicable in any life arena.

In addition to teaching, informing and educating, I work with businesses to manage the natural energy flows of their projects, staff dynamics and potentials. With the ability to read clear potentials in energy lines for both creation and intention, I can assist in the development of business strategies, productivity, solutions, expansion and improvement.

My passion is similarly invested in working with key influencers, leaders and entrepreneurs, and also professional actors and performers, to help them view their potentials through expansive consciousness. I can offer insight and inspiration to grow beyond, develop in depth, and achieve greater, through the fulfilment of inner spirit.

It is a privilege and blessing for me to be able to bring higher awareness to others, such that they can empower their lives in a creative and directive manner.”

Summary of Experience:

  • 18 years practical and relevant business experience in commercial environments
  • 17 years experience in self employment successfully running 3 businesses which includes:
  • 14 years of teaching healers and therapists how to develop their skills and work ethically and productively to serve clients. As a Teacher, Sue has taught over 500 training course days, ran meditation or mentoring group sessions for 4 years, and presented multiple special events to public audiences.
  • 12 years of full-time working as an Advanced Energy Field Healer, having developed and pioneered unique techniques to work in the human energy field. During this time Sue has done more than 5,000 healing sessions for clients, over 1,200 distant healings on people, and some 550 sessions on homes, workplaces, land, disasters, world events and tragedies.
  • 3 years as Founder and Director of The Healing Centre, Birmingham
  • 2 years authoring and creating development programmes for the public and training teachers to present these programmes. (See 'The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme' ® and 'Enhance Your Light - Enhance your Life ® Meditation Programme
  • an on-going service of guiding and supporting private clients in subtle energy life-management and direction, including business leaders, directors, entrepreneurs, actors, performers, and celebrities.

  • Sue's experience is extensive and highly specialised within her field. She offers the value of this wealth of experience to meet the needs of all her clients, whatever the circumstances or situation.

Sue has created and produced a range of CD’s for meditation and energy awareness.

Her book ‘The Energies of your Life’ giving an insight to the subtle energy transactions that affect life, is available at:

The Energies of your Life Book
Sue Zange
Sue Zange - Specialist in Subtle Energies

A rare combination of skills:


‘The Energies of your Life’ now available HERE

Energy Visionary:

Sue is gifted with the rare ability to see and sense subtle energy flows, vibrational resonances, dynamics and connections.


Pioneered and developed advanced level energy healing techniques for transforming and releasing non-serving energy elements. Sue established the Inspirit Healing Clinic and served 14 years in a full time, one-to-one client healing role.


Sue has taught the unique skills she developed for advanced level Energy Healing for 14 years. She has designed and presented a wide range of spiritual development and personal growth training courses.

Business Woman:

18 years commercial business experience, 17 years running own businesses